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April 23, 2003


I guess we can start with our trip to Odaiba.

Odaiba is a BIG shopping area in Tokyo. We went there one Sunday afternoon with Kaori and
Yuko. There were malls and hotels, buses would take you from one mall to another mall.
The highlight of the afternoon was the visit to Mega Web. Mega Web is Toyota's Auto
production gallery. We got to look at Toyota cars from past and present.

Odaiba Gallery


I think it was the next weekend we when to Costco Japan in Chiba. It was a year long
dream come true for me. Last year on a airporter bus to Nartia Airport I saw Costco
Japan and wanted to check it out. It was all I dreamed about, pretty much the same
as the Costco in the US. The only differences were that this one was two floors(with a
cart escalator) and about half the products were Japanese. We brought Kaori with us and
it was her first trip to Costco. She loved the idea of buying in bulk.

Costco Gallery


Hanami is the spring pasttime of viewing cherry blossoms. But it more like a reason to
meet with friends and eat and drink picnic-style under the blossoming trees. Kaori first
took us to Ueno park in Tokyo. It was pretty amazing to see the whole park at night in
a white glow. We had a little party in Shinjuku park with Satoshi, Ayu, Yuko, Kaori and
Soo. Deanne and I also spent one afternoon walking around Kashiwa Park enjoying the last
of the cherry blossoms.
Because of the rain our viewing days were limited to only two weekends.

Hanami Gallery

I hope everyone enjoys the first installment. I plan to post to this atleast once a week.

Posted by brian at April 23, 2003 11:51 AM
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