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De on the Aeon Site
Hamamatsu Kite Festival
How to send packages to De and Brian
First from my phone...

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July 22, 2003

De on the Aeon Site

Along with our head kids' teacher Asako, I was "featured" on my school's
homepage for June/July. It's a little difficult to navigate through, so
Brian took some screen shots for you to check out. It's all written in
Japanese, but you can see pictures of my school and most of my co-workers
(all but four of them are pictured).

screen shot 1

screen shot 2

screen shot 3

Posted by brian at 03:07 PM

July 10, 2003

Hamamatsu Kite Festival

Ever since I've known Benjamin Winter, he has spoken about the Hamamatsu Kite Festival that he attended about 10 years ago while he was in Japan. So during Golden Week, the national vacation time in May, we when to Hamamatsu to see for ourselves how good this festival was. Yuko, Kaori, Deanne, and I piled into Yuko's car and headed about 200km south to Hamamatsu. It was a nice drive. We got to see Mt. Fuji, which is rare due to the fog that surrounds the mountain. We also got to see a lot of traffic.

Our first day in Hamamatsu was spent relaxing from the drive and seeing the omikoshi (mobile shrines) in the night parade. After the parade, we went back to the hotel for a well needed onsen (Japanese bath).
The second day was spent watching huge kites and eating Japanese carnival food- BBQ corn, rice crackers, and BBQ mochi. Because Yuko needed to be back for work we left that night, and saw more traffic. But at least we had Yuko's car navigation/dvd/tv to entertain us on the ride back.

It was one of the best experiences I have had here in Japan. Thanks Benjamin for your stories and your persistence.

Sorry it took so long to post these pictures, I have been really busy.

Hamamatsu Gallery

Video [small]

Video [large]

Posted by brian at 05:05 PM

July 09, 2003

How to send packages to De and Brian

If you want to save some money when sending packages to us here in Japan you
should use the US Postal Global Priority package.
The envelopes come in three sizes small, medium, and large. All the envelopes
must be under 4lbs. The small and medium envelopes are a fixed
price, $5.00 and $9.00. The large envelope is per pound with the maximum
value of $19.00. The Global priority is good for sending video tapes,
books, DVDs, letters pictures, etc.

US Postal Web site


small package $5.00


medium package $9.00


large package per lbs. max. $19.00

Posted by brian at 05:51 PM

July 04, 2003

First from my phone...

here is my first post from my phone.

Posted by Brian's Cellphone at 11:56 AM | Comments (0)

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